• Wijivox
 An Italian brand by the Ayak Tash Turkey Company (active in the production of a collection of bags and shoes and clothing from 1995 to date) has purchased and registered. Wijivox has experience in designing, producing and providing unparalleled collections of bags and shoes and clothing at the same level with brands D&G , Dior, and ... but models is varied.
Innovative design wijivox, this brand has become one of the leaders of the fashion world in such a way that today many critics have confessed to brand innovation and creativity in the fashion industry.
The brand designer who is active in the high fashion, By studying the fashion world, and with wide range of materials as well as a wide range of colors, patterns and styles, timely needs and tastes of the day and it changes predicted and a with creative design to follow established and a new approach in the fashion world.
Style Designers (stylist) wijivox, always enjoying a high level of expertise in recognizing different styles, the ideas in the fashion industry and analysis of various commercial brands, have been following the new style in the fashion industry.
The activities of the company are production of collections for the major brands in the world.
Some products of wijivox are:
• shoe :
Splendor and elegance of wijivox shoes that in certain design, differ and are designed with a variety of models and styles, is according to interested attention followers of the fashion world
Shoes brand in luxury style and parliament, in order to shine more products among lovers of fashion, with jewelry and accessories are designed to fit the style shoes.
Comfortable shoes and sports shoes wijivox, with foot orthoses and some models have air purification system to protect the health and satisfaction of our customers to reach their goals in order to advance fashion.
• Bag :
wijivox Bags to differentiate more and more fashion enthusiasts are designed set with shoes. Material used in the design of the bags in such a way that in its proposal, specific logo of Vijay wax seen as that indication of its exclusivity design and materials.
• Honors:
Excellence from the wijivox perspective, is leading brand in the fashion industry, meaning the index as a reference in the world of fashion, excellence in quality and customer service and its enthusiasts.
• stores :
wijivox ,in order to achieve the objectives of the brand, selection and has been invited the people and their personnel in the stores and head office, through expert professionals design, architecture, quality control, interior designers and managers of progress and development. wijivox Stores have been opened in super stylish design specifically utilizes a pleasant shopping experience for customers as well as luxury buildings and appropriate Position in each city.
• Protection of the environment and our health:
wijivox ,In order to protect the environment in their production,programs and projects implemented in the headquarters and stores is to step through as follows:
Material used in all wijivox design, made from all-natural fibers that allow air exchange to provide properly so that all fans of the brand Point out, to convenience of the product, while having its special design.
All the decorations and layout and lighting have been designed that wijivox store in energy consumption up to 10% have been energy saving.
• Success:
wijivox believes that, sustainable success and loyal customers, thanks to the professional team and planning system at all levels of the brand.
• Concept:
Concept of wijivox, and philosophy of the brand is based on sustainable development and continuation of the brand among industry leaders, through the production of luxury products with exclusive designs and high quality and diversity.

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